DmC Retrospective

Never knew how much hatred Ninja Theory received. That’s horrible, because looking at Hellblade they’re obviously a very skilled studio.

I didn’t understand all the hate to the game either, especially regarding Dante’s hair (I’m apparently one of the few people who actually liked the wig scene).

But the game‘s take on trying to be cool is really sooo cringeworthy and cheesy. I mean sure: The originals were cheesy too, but the charming kind of cheesy, which apparently only the Japanese can pull off. Everything about DmC on the other hand just feels forced and infantile (e.g. the „Fuck you“ joke).

Aside from that you can see that it’s a western game in exactly this typically unoriginal evil-capitalists-want-to-take-over-the-world-and-everyone-is-blind-except-us cliche, which is not only, like Foxcade already said, boring because it has been done to death, but is also incredibly stupid and childish (capitalism is by definition the opposite of big government). The west hates itself and that’s what Capcom gets for wanting a „western approach“ to DmC.

Source: (aka Mary) in Devil May Cry 3

Regarding women, I liked Lady in DmC3 the most: Cute face and nice outfit. Not that I dislike her boobs in DmC4🤪, but it was little too much (plus you couldn’t see her beautiful heterochrome eyes due to the sunglasses). Trish is ok, but kind of boring.

Source: (aka Mary) in Devil May Cry 4

The worst female character for me though is Kyrie in DmC4 because she has no real character: 90% of the time she stands there whimpering and doing nothing, serving the old damsel in distress cliche. I’m anything but a SJW, but that character was just horrible.

All-in-all I too found Ninja Theory‘s take on DmC ok, but nothing more. Still have to play Devil May Cry 5, hope that’s a bit better.

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