A while ago I bought a DNA Test from MyHeritage. They analyse a cheek swap of you and make an ethnicity estimation. These are my results:

  • Europe: 97.2%
    • North- and Westeurope: 93.9%
      • Scandinavian: 48.7%
      • North- and Westeuropean: 45.2%
    • South-Europe: 3.3%
      • Greek: 3.3%
    • Middle-East: 2.8%
      • Oriental: 2.8%

The curious thing is, even before I took the test, I felt attracted to Scandinavia. Of course that just could be because I’m someone who prefers the cold rather than being all sweaty and sticky. Maybe I have genuine Viking genes?😂

What really puzzles me are the 2.8% Oriental. How did they got in there? It was probably just one emigrant, but it’s fascinating how one single person can leave their traces in future generations.

Here is a link to an interactive Version.

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